Get to know some of the brands that have discovered the JSAV experience in Mexico.

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1 am writing this letter to express our sincere appreciation and thanks for the March 3, 2017 production in the Grand Coral Ballroom at the Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach in Cancun. This event was the awards gala dinner for our client's annual incentive trip and was, without a doubt, the most elaborate and ambitious production our organization has ever created for a single event. lt was executed masterfully and beautifully by your exception team! 

When I first visited the hotel on a site inspection in November 2015, 1 was introduced to Christian Ochoa, who presented JSAV's capabilities. Specifically, he showed me video mapping concepts, which I was immediately intrigued by. The idea stuck with me, and upon returning in August 2016 for a second site inspection with my colleague Stephanie Yarrow, we met with the team again, this time led by Hudson Barnes. Hud's presentation was a slam dunk and we knew immediately JSAV was the right partner to take this program to the next level. 

Throughout the next six months, Stephanie and I embarked on an adventure with the team, with Hud at the helm, as we discussed overall thematic concepts, music, live entertainment, and the logistics of putting what was to be a spectacular eye-popping event in the ballroom. Ultimately, we put our faith and trust completely in Hud and his fantastic team, letting them bring their vision of an underwater world to life. To say that the team exceeded our expectations would be an understatement. Words cannot convey the sensory experience they created for our 750 guests this evening. 1 was, quite literally, moved to tears upon watching the final production with our client the day before the event. Beautiful, magical, and special are only mild descriptors for this evening. As I said, there are no words ...

Our production and design team included Said Martínez, Alex Pérez Quatly, Mike Thibodeau, Alex Mora, and their amazing "boots on the ground" crew: Sergio, Aldo, Antonio, Edgar, Ethil, and Cesar. They were true professionals! 

The purpose of this program was to reward top performers and create memories that lasta lifetime. JSAV knocked it out of the park in all aspects. Working with JSAV was a sincere pleasure and I look forward to the next opportunity to partner with your first class team to create another unforgettable event. 

Jennifer Mazza
Director, Travel Operations
Next Level Performance