I just wanted to follow up and tell you what a great job you and your team did for the ... program.


From the very start, before we even got there, your service was exemplary and timely. 


Upon arriving on site, your team was professional and diligent in ensuring everything was under control.  The stage looked great and your Show Team deliver a great experience for our executives and attendees.


Please accept our sincerest appreciation.  Every great team has a great leader and that person is you.  I can’t say how much the client and our team appreciated all your extra efforts.  You can tell a professional not simply by how well the show runs, but also on how they might handle a situation if it was too arise.  You came through on all accounts!


Thank you once again for all your extra efforts and I truly look forward to working with you again in the not to distant future.


If you ever need a reference, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Warmest regards,


Richard K. CEO / Creative Branded Experiences Inc.
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