As I expressed many times during the works at CBMM’s stand at Formula-e in Mexico City, allow me to record my deepest gratitude for your excellent work, minimalistic quality, and prompt resolution of problems and last minute requests.


Passion? Yes! But, what impressed me the most was the harmony and the coordination among your team members in a fashion I’ve never witnessed in any other event I worked in Singapore, Japan, Brazil, Europe and USA! The other thing that surprised me was the way you Xavier handled all the unplanned last minute requests and delivered as it was predicted. Every member, some that I don’t even learned the name, contributed with demonstrated intelligence, common sense, and a sense of ownership and pride, I wouldn’t expect in any Latin country.


I want to say that all the technical problems I brought were solved with the highest interest and sincere effort by all of your people and you.


I want to thank very much Cesar, Luis, Sebastian, and Iran for their invaluable help and eagerness to deliver all my requests for help on the moment without hesitation, which made my container systems work despite all the technical difficulties I had. I could go on and on, but I finish this message to you and all your staff with stating that you are a world-class tiptop team, and can perform in any country and exceed any expectations.


I am looking forward to meeting and working with you all again!

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